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piran koper and marezige with brioni pula


Join us as we explore Slovenia! Visit Piran and Koper with a tour of the wine fountain.


TRAVEL DATE: June 29, 2024 (Saturday)

DEPARTURE: 7:00 AM from Bus station Pula | 7:45 AM from Bus station Rovinj

BOARDING OPTIONS: Bačva, Okreti, GP Kaštel


Why Visit Piran?

Piran – a gem of the Slovenian coast, offers a blend of tradition, culture, and stunning nature. Often called "Little Venice," it will charm you with its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea.



Explore Piran Explore Piran with a Guided Walk!

Our journey begins at the heart of Piran, Tartinijev Square, where a local guide will greet us. In this historic square, you'll see the monument to the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini. Explore the medieval Cathedral of St. George and visit the Church of St. Peter, enjoying its beautiful frescoes. Take a stroll along the city walls and admire the panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and its surroundings. Afterwards, enjoy some free time for coffee by the sea.


Why isKoper the Perfect Destination?

Koper is Slovenia's largest coastal city, offering a mix of rich history, cultural landmarks, and beautiful landscapes! The old town center of Koper reflects its rich history. Enjoy a walk along the seaside, where you'll find numerous cafes, restaurants, and beaches. Koper is renowned for its excellent gastronomy, blending Mediterranean and continental flavors.


Discover Koper with Brioni Pula Travel Agency!

We'll explore the historic old town, Titov Square known for its baroque palaces and cathedral with a bell tower. A walk through the modern harbor will give you the opportunity to experience a blend of tradition and art. Take advantage of free time for shopping or enjoying coffee and cake by the sea before our departure to Marezige, home to Slovenia's first wine fountain.


What to Expect in Marezige?

Charming village nestled in the heart of Slovenian Istria, offering a combination of natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and an authentic Istrian experience. It's famous for being home to Slovenia's first wine fountain. Enjoy breathtaking views of green hills, vineyards, and the Adriatic Sea.



The Wine Fountain in Marezige

This attraction draws wine enthusiasts from around the world. Visitors can taste various premium local wines while enjoying stunning panoramic views! A perfect place to relax and savor authentic flavors.


Bring comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and a camera for unforgettable moments 📸


Book Your Spot Today!

Reserve your spot with Brioni Pula Travel Agency. Join us on a one-day trip to Slovenia. Visit Piran and Koper with a tour of the wine fountain in Marezige.

Travel Itinerary 👇

Time Activities

7:00 AM from Pula Bus Station


Return to Pula

6:00 PM


Stop 1:PIRAN

  • - Guided walk with a local guide
  • - Visit to Tartinijev Square, medieval Cathedral of St. George, Church of St. Peter, city walls
  • - Free time for coffee by the sea


Stop 2: KOPER

  • - Exploration of the old town, main square, Titov Square
  • - Walk through the modern harbor
  • - Free time for shopping, coffee, and cake by the sea



  • - Arrival in Marezige and visit to the wine fountain
  • - Tasting of the finest wines from Slovenian Istria
  • - Exploration of the area with local products



35 EUR

piran koper and marezige with brioni pula


Reservations can be confirmed by payment at the Brioni Pula agency office Trg I. istarske brigade 1, 52100 Pula or by payment via internet banking, with the following details included in the payment description: name, departure date, and trip name.



MON - FRI 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

SAT 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM




To confirm the reservation for the trip, payment is required.

Bus seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

The trip will not be canceled due to weather conditions, including rain.

If a passenger is unable to participate in the trip, another person can travel instead, provided that the agency is informed of the changes beforehand.

Final departure information will be provided 24 hours before the trip.

We guarantee a full refund within 3 working days in case of trip cancellation by the agency.

  • Organization of a day trip conducted in Croatian
  • Transportation by tourist bus
  • Tour leader for the day trip
  • Local guide (Piran and Koper)
  • Organizer's liability insurance
  • Bus accident insurance
  • Guarantee insurance
  • Organizational expenses

Visit to the Piran city walls: €5 per person.

Wine tasting and local products at the wine fountain: €13 per person for a wine glass, a carry bag, 3 tasting tokens, and/or €10 per person for Istrian snacks.

  • Admission ticket for visiting the Piran city walls
  • Individual visit tickets
  • Travel insurance package
  • Anything not listed under "What's included in the price of the day trip?"
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs about Day Trip

1. What are the border formalities for the trip?

Citizens of the Republic of Croatia need a valid ID card or passport for this day trip. Foreign nationals must check the required documentation for entry into the destination country through their country's authorities or the embassy of the country they are traveling to.

2. What is the minimum number of passengers required for the trip?

The minimum number of passengers required for the trip is 40 people. In case there are fewer than the required minimum number of passengers, travelers will be notified orally or in writing no later than 2 days before the planned trip.

3. What is the agency's policy regarding ticket prices and optional excursions?

The Brioni Pula Travel Agency does not assume responsibility for any potential increases in ticket prices or optional excursions listed in the program on the day the program is finalized. Payment on the bus is not possible; payment must be made before the trip to secure the reservation.

4. What are the limitations and conditions for visiting cities and historical sites?

Visiting cities and historical sites is only possible with a local expert guide. Guiding by unauthorized individuals is prohibited by law. Please note that the tour leader is not a professional guide.

5. What is the policy regarding changes to the travel itinerary?

The Brioni Pula Travel Agency is not liable for any changes to the travel itinerary communicated orally. During the trip, the agency reserves the right to modify the itinerary if necessary but undertakes to fulfill the program in its entirety.

6. What rules apply to drivers and time limitations?

The Brioni Pula Travel Agency and its transport operators adhere to the regulations of the "Law on Working Time, Mandatory Rest Periods for Mobile Workers, and Recording Equipment in Road Transport," including scheduled stops at rest areas, daily driver breaks, and maximum bus occupancy per day.

7. What are the rules regarding departures and boarding?

Departures and boarding are exclusively from the locations specified in the program, unless the program states otherwise.

8. What happens regarding waiting times at border crossings?

The agency does not have information about waiting times at border crossings and is not responsible for them.

9. What is the policy for lost or damaged personal items?

The agency is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal items left in the transportation vehicle or at the destination.

10. Who oversees the organization of fairs?

The organization of fairs is subject to municipal authorities and local tourist offices, which ensure the proper management and implementation of events.

11. Is the program adapted for persons with limited mobility or those requiring a bus WC?

Unfortunately, the program is not adapted for persons with limited mobility or those requiring a bus WC. Please take these facts into consideration when planning your participation.

12. How are seats allocated on the bus?

The Brioni Pula Travel Agency provides seating on the bus but does not influence seat allocation or the possibility of reserving seats. Seats are assigned based on availability upon arrival at the departure point.

13. What if there is a change in price or insufficient registered passengers?

The Brioni Pula Travel Agency reserves the right to change prices in case of changes in calculation elements or insufficient registered passengers. We also reserve the right to cancel the trip 5 days before departure in such situations. Our goal is to ensure an optimal experience for all participants, so we kindly ask for your understanding in case of necessary changes.