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1. Subject of the Contract

The subject of this contract is to regulate the relationship between the travel organizer - Travel Agency Brioni (hereinafter referred to as BRIONI) and the TRAVELER, or the travel contractor in cases where the travel contractor enters into this contract for the benefit of a third party as the traveler (hereinafter referred to as the TRAVELER). This travel contract includes the General Terms and Instructions for Tourist Arrangements or refers to the travel program containing all necessary information. The contract becomes binding after being signed by an agency employee (an employee of BRIONI or any other authorized to sell Brioni arrangements) and the TRAVELER and after the TRAVELER has fully paid the price of the tourist arrangement or a part of the price and unequivocally ensured the payment of the remaining amount by the agreed date. If the traveler is unable to personally sign the contract, the contract produces legal effects only when BRIONI receives the full agreed amount of the arrangement price or, if explicitly agreed, part of the agreed price and documentation ensuring the payment of the remaining part of the price by the agreed date. The traveler can register for the trip at any BRIONI office and other authorized agencies in person, by telephone, via the internet, or through other means of remote communication. Upon entering into the contract, the traveler is required to provide personal data and promptly submit all documentation necessary for organizing the trip. The TRAVELER guarantees that they have provided BRIONI with accurate and valid information necessary for the smooth realization of the trip and accepts all legal obligations arising from this contract and applicable legal regulations.


2. Reservations and Payment

Upon registration, to confirm the reservation, the traveler pays 30% of the arrangement price (unless otherwise specified in the program). The remainder of the total arrangement price is paid no later than 21 days before the start of the trip or the documentation ensuring the undisputed payment of the total arrangement price is provided. If the traveler does not fulfill their obligation no later than 21 days before departure, it will be considered that they have canceled the reservation without the possibility of refunding the paid deposit.
For all reservations, including “on request” reservations (when there are no available places for a specific arrangement at the time of the traveler’s registration, but BRIONI can secure them additionally), BRIONI charges a reservation fee of 75 HRK (per contract), and in the case where less than 21 days remain before the departure for such an “on request” reservation, a corresponding part of the arrangement price is paid according to the conditions from Article 8 of this contract.
Such a requested “on request” reservation, BRIONI is obliged to process within 2 working days (Saturday is not considered a working day) and notify the traveler in writing or orally. If BRIONI does not notify the traveler within the specified period or is unable to secure the reservation for the requested arrangement, the full amount of the payment will be refunded to the traveler. If the traveler does not accept the requested and confirmed reservation by BRIONI, the payment costs will not be refunded, including the reservation fee.
For confirmation of reservations under the "Fortuna system" or "Last minute" offers, the TRAVELER is required to immediately pay the total amount of the arrangement or ensure the undisputed payment of the entire amount of the arrangement.


3. Prices

The travel prices are published in the travel program and are valid from the date of publication of the program. Package arrangement prices do not include the reservation fee, which is charged additionally at the rate of 75 HRK (per contract) at the time of reservation. The prices stated in BRIONI programs are based on contracts with our partners and may not correspond to prices published locally at the destination where the traveler stays, and any price difference cannot be subject to complaint.
The travel organizer may stipulate that the traveler pays certain services to be used abroad on the spot in the currency of the country they are in. For services paid on the spot, the traveler may file a complaint directly to the service provider.
BRIONI may, no later than 21 days before the start of the trip, demand an increase in the agreed price if there has been a change in exchange rates or an increase in the price of services that make up the package arrangement, especially an increase in transportation costs, including fuel costs, or an increase in fees (in airports and other ports, etc.), an increase in accommodation prices, which affect the travel price. In such a case, the arrangement price will be increased proportionally to the increase in the price calculation elements on which the price is based. The traveler is obliged to accept an increase in the agreed price of up to 10%. If there is an increase in the agreed price exceeding 10%, the traveler has the right to withdraw from the arrangement, provided that they notify BRIONI in writing within 2 working days from receiving the notice. In case of withdrawal from the arrangement, the traveler is not entitled to compensation for damages. If the traveler does not submit their withdrawal to BRIONI in writing within the specified period, it is considered that they agree to the change in price.


4. Categorization and Description of Services

The offered hotels, apartments, or other facilities in BRIONI programs are described according to the official categorization of the respective country at the time of program issuance. It is noted that local categorization in certain countries significantly varies. Accommodation, meals, comfort, and other services are under the control of local and state tourism authorities, and accommodation and service standards vary and are not comparable. BRIONI does not assume responsibility for any verbal or written information that is not in accordance with the description of services and facilities in BRIONI programs valid for the specified trip, provided by any BRIONI employee or a third party.
The allocation of rooms or apartments is determined by the reception at the place of stay. Unless the traveler has explicitly agreed upon a room/apartment with specific features, they will accept any officially registered room/apartment for rent in a particular facility or destination described in the travel program. Accommodation is not possible before 4:00 PM on the day of the start of the service, and it must be vacated by 10:00 AM on the day of the end of the service, unless otherwise specified in the travel program. For later individual arrivals at accommodation facilities (after 8:00 PM), it is necessary to inform BRIONI in advance, at least one day before departure, unless such later arrival is anticipated by the travel program.


5. Travel Documents, Compliance with Regulations

A traveler registering for an international trip must have valid travel documents. The traveler is required to provide BRIONI with all necessary information and documents for obtaining a visa for the destination country during registration or by the specified deadline in the program. BRIONI does not guarantee visa issuance. If the traveler fails to fulfill these obligations or their visa application is denied, it will be considered that the traveler has canceled the trip.
The traveler must comply with customs, currency, and other regulations. If the traveler cannot continue the trip due to non-compliance with regulations, they bear all costs and consequences arising from it. If the traveler loses travel documents or they are stolen during the trip, they must obtain new ones at their own expense. The traveler must ensure that they, their documents, and luggage meet the conditions prescribed by visa, border, customs, health, and other regulations, both of the Republic of Croatia and the country they are traveling to, adhere to the house rules in hospitality and hotel facilities, and cooperate with the travel organizer’s representative and service providers in good faith. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the traveler is responsible for any damage, and BRIONI disclaims any responsibility for such damage. In such cases, the traveler will cover the damage costs directly at the owner’s facility (hotel, apartment, etc.) at the reception.
When signing the contract, the BRIONI employee will inform the traveler about sources of information on the country they are traveling to, including the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. It is recommended that each traveler personally check the website www.mvep.hr and review the list of countries of high or moderate risk according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
All travelers who are not Croatian citizens and do not hold Croatian travel documents are advised to personally inquire about the country they are traveling to and the conditions to be met for travel to that country before booking the arrangement, considering the varying regulations for citizens of different countries. BRIONI can direct the traveler to the source of information but does not assume any responsibility for the consequences that may arise from non-compliance with these regulations for the traveler.
Invalid travel documents or non-issuance of a visa, resulting in trip cancellation, in no way obliges BRIONI, and cancellation conditions apply. BRIONI disclaims any responsibility for damage resulting from non-compliance with regulations of individual countries or invalid travel documents.


6. Travel Insurance

According to the Tourism Services Act, agency employees are required to offer travelers a “package” of travel insurance, including voluntary health insurance during the stay abroad, accident insurance, luggage insurance, and trip cancellation insurance. By signing the contract, the traveler confirms that they have been offered a travel insurance package. If the traveler requests the mentioned insurance, it can be contracted directly with an insurance company or through BRIONI, whereby BRIONI acts only as an intermediary.
By signing this contract, it is considered that the traveler has been offered and recommended the insurance mentioned in the previous paragraph.


7. Insurance against Trip Cancellation Risks

If the traveler anticipates that they might have to cancel the trip due to certain situations, it is recommended to purchase trip cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance cannot be purchased later, only at the time of trip registration.
Cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases, with mandatory written confirmation: military draft, illness, or death in the immediate family.
If the traveler does not have a trip cancellation insurance and must cancel the trip, BRIONI reserves the right to compensation as per the rules set out in this contract. When canceling a trip, the cost of issuing visas or travel documents is not included in the refundable amount, even if the traveler has trip cancellation insurance. By paying for trip cancellation insurance, the traveler transfers all their claims to the insurance company with which they have entered into the insurance contract for trip cancellation, while BRIONI undertakes to provide the traveler with all necessary documentation for the realization of claims from the insurance contract related to the trip.
All cancellation conditions are stated in the insurance policy and travelers are advised to read them carefully.


8. Cancellation by the Traveler

If the traveler cancels the arrangement, BRIONI retains the following amounts from the total arrangement price:
- Up to 30 days before departure: 10% of the arrangement price, but no less than HRK 100
- 29-22 days before departure: 25% of the arrangement price
- 21-15 days before departure: 40% of the arrangement price
- 14-8 days before departure: 80% of the arrangement price
- 7-0 days before departure and after departure: 100% of the arrangement price

Cancellation of the trip must be done in writing. If the traveler cancels a confirmed arrangement, BRIONI reserves the right to compensation for administrative costs. These conditions also apply to changes in departure dates or accommodation facilities, as well as to other significant changes. For actual expenses and non-refundable airline tickets purchased, BRIONI will charge the traveler separately.