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150 years ago Valvoline introduced its lubricant when Dr. John Ellis developed a petroleum-based product for steam engines. Ever since, the company he started has worked to repeatedly innovate and bring only the highest quality lubricants and cleaners to market. It's because of this legacy and dedication to innovation that millions of people trust Valvoline products in their vehicles, engines and equipment, from the Model T to today's newest models.


Since its founding, Valvoline and its scientists have been innovating, creating and reinventing formulas for racing, high kilometre vehicles, synthetics and other applications. It is the commitment to innovation that shows in our products that help keep vehicles and equipment moving all over the world.


Valvoline invented their engine oil more than 150 years ago, and they have been reinventing ever since. Valvoline has quality formulas to meet the needs of a wide range of vehicles. Come in our store to find the best engine oils for you.