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By buying bus tickets on line saves Your money.You do not have to pay bus station fees or reservation.
You do not need to come to our points of sale that are often far from your place .
When choosing a ticket with a planned return, You automatically book the time of your retourn. If you choose an open return ticket,you can book on line the day before of your trip - for free.    
You can buy a ticket on line no metter where you are; at home in front of the TV, at college or in the bus.    
By purchasing bus tickets online you are not dependent on the working hours of the station, the system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In a word - ALWAYS..    
In case you accidentaly lose your ticket, it remains always in our system. You can be sure you will not lose your money.  



The owner of the card with which the ticket was purchased does not need to be the passanger. The passanger can also use someone else´s card to buy a ticket. When purchasing, in the "passanger data" it is neccesary to enter the name of the person who will be traveling.   
When buying a return ticket with a fixed return at the time of ticket purchase, you immediately book the date and time of your return trip for FREE, both in the departure and return directions. In the case of a return ticket with an open return, the date and time are booked for FREE afterward.    
If the ticket purchased was not delivered, we kindly please you to contact us on the e - mail: reklamacije@brioni.hr. You recive an aswer as soon as posible.

The most common problem with correct on line payment in Croatia is correct 3D verification. Especially with users who normally pay with cards, but in foreign web shops, it often happens that they do not know which information they need to enter. Additional payment autentification has been needed in Cratia for payments via Mastercard, VISA and Mastercard. Some older isuued cards will be soon in 3D secure system. To proceed with online payment , we kindly as users to contact their bank (card provider) by calling the help desk or if a form for entering a 3D secure password appears, yu can find out by clicking on "?" in the 3D intreface. If you think that your problem is different, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: reklamacije@brioni.hr. You will recive an answer as soon as possible.