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Citizens’ personal data protection linked to the processing of these data is one of the basic human rights, and their protection is guaranteed by the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. According to both, everyone has the right to protect their personal data.

The actual development of the principal provisions of the aforementioned regulations was set forth by the Regulation (EU) of the 27 April 2016, applied in all EU members, and thus the Republic of Croatia, since 25 May 2018.

As a responsible partner, Brioni d.o.o. have always paid special attention to the protection of your personal data, and the company undertakes all measures to protect your privacy during your visit to our internet pages or use of our services.

In performing our registered activities, primarily directed to offering various services, we want to grant you, users of our services, the protection of personal data and raise it to the highest possible level, in accordance with the aforementioned regulations and our former practice. Therefore, dear friends and users of our services, we are inviting you to participate in the consistent achievement of the set goals in the field of personal data protection.

Brioni d.o.o. will use your personal data in a legal way: only the data we obtained upon your expressed approval, only for purposes known to you in advance, and only for the period needed to fulfil these purposes and allowed by you.

Each personal data you allowed us to use will be kept correctly and in line with all the prescribed measures of protection. At the same time, you have the right to withdraw the approval for the use of your persona data at any time, be informed about the personal data being used, ask for a correction or cancellation of data, or file a complaint to the supervisory body if you suspect that your personal data are not being used in a proper way.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Your privacy and personal data are extremely important

Your personal data will be only used inside the company, to fulfil our legal obligations, and to give you first-rate service or inform you on the topics of your interest. Your data will not be forwarded to third parties outside the company without your consent, and only when this is necessary to offer you a complete service or to fully answer to your requests. Brioni d.o.o. pays full attention to the protection of your privacy and personal data. This privacy statement regards the treatment of your personal data obtained through your approval or by your visit to the web page of the company Brioni d.o.o. It defines the ways of collecting and using your personal data. By using the Brioni d.o.o. web page, you agree to our practice of collecting and using personal data.

To process your personal data in our company, your approval will be necessary (in written form, done by a click on the place in the web page anticipated for it).

Collection of personal data

Any visit to the web page registered and managed by the company Brioni d.o.o. for purposes of searching for information is anonymous, except if you decide to give us your data. If during your visit to the pages you do nothing more than searching them, i.e. reading, looking at photographs or downloading data without revealing your personal data, we will automatically collect and save the data about your visit. These data do not identify you. Data about the computer system (hardware and software) are automatically collected, and they may include your IP address, type of search engine you have used, the name of the domain from which you have accessed our pages, time of access and pages you most commonly visit. If you come to our web pages through a link found on other pages, these pages’ address and the search term will be known to us. These data will be only used to offer an optimal service for each of our users and to produce the statistics on the visits to our web pages. The statistical data are used to make the pages more useful for visitors, for example, by assessing which data are the most or least interesting to visitors, with the aim of determining the specifications of the pages’ technical design and evaluating the quality of the system and problematic areas. If you decide to ask a question or make a comment through an e-mail message or the forms available on our pages, and thus give us your name and e-mail or address, the given data will be used to answer your question or comment and to contact you regarding the services you have shown an interest in. Unless otherwise determined, the collected data will be used only to answer your question or comment and contact you regarding the services you have shown an interest in. If you delivered your data through one of the available forms, they will be used only to meet the request specified in the given form and contact you regarding the services you have shown an interest in. Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties, private organisations, trades or other, but to fulfil your order, or forward your request, unless differently stated on a separate form. Cases determined in the Security Remarks under Terms of Use are excluded from these rules. We do not take any responsibility for the collection and use of your personal information on pages which do not belong among those registered and editeded by the company Brioni d.o.o., to which you access from our pages.

Use of personal data

Your personal data are used to give you information and offer services you requested on our pages, or from the variety of our services.

Your personal data may be used inside the company Brioni d.o.o., and to inform you about other products and services from our or our branch’s offer, but only upon your personal approval. The data may also be used to contact you during opinion polling on our services or possible new services.

The company Brioni d.o.o. does not sell, rent or lend data to third parties. It is possible that you will be occasionally contacted on behalf of our external partners, regarding their specific offer of products and services for which we believe you might be interested in, but neither then will your personal data be revealed to partners outside our company without your approval. Brioni d.o.o. may exceptionally share your personal data with reliable partners which help to fulfil specific jobs of the business – statistical analysis, distribution of mail or e-mails on our behalf, user support or delivery of goods. Such external partners have to keep your data confidential, which will be done only by your approval, and legally organised between Brioni d.o.o. as the manager of personal data processing, and a third company, as the data processor, with the determination of the data processor’s responsibility.

The company Brioni d.o.o. excludes the use and processing of sensitive personal data like race, nationality, religious affiliation, political attitudes, or sexual orientation without your expressed approval.

The company Brioni d.o.o. follows the pages and topics visited by users on our web pages with the aim of recognising the most interesting topics and services. Such data are used to additionally adapt the content and ads to users’ specific interests. The web page users or visitors’ personal data will be revealed without prior notice or approval only in situations required by the positive legal regulation the company Brioni d.o.o. undertakes to apply, or if requested by a legally authorised state body.

Personalization of pages (use of cookies)

The Brioni d.o.o. web pages use cookies to help adapt the web page content to your personal taste and interests. Cookies are text files saved to your computer by the server where the web pages are found. Cookies cannot load any other data from your disk, transfer computer viruses or reveal your e-mail address. Cookis are uniquely allocated to each user and can be read only by the web server which has allocated them. One of their main functions is saving time. Cookies are used on web pages to efficiently save the visitor’s user name and password, address, to personalize web pages, determine the web page parts which are most frequently visited or remember the choice of items in the “shopping basket.” As a user, you have the possibility of accepting or refusing the use of cookies. If you have configured your internet search engine, you will be warned any time a cookie is recorded on your computer, but you can also configure it so to unable the record of cookies.

Personal data safety

The company Brioni d.o.o. protects your personal data from unauthorized access, use or publishing. Your personal data are taken over in a safe and controlled environment. When you deliver your personal information through the web pages (for example, your credit card number), such communication is protected by coding, for instance, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Once saved, all our users’ personal data, not only the sensitive ones, are restricted to the use in our offices only. The access to such sensitive data is allowed only to our employees who need them for their part of the job. Unfortunately, no internet data transfer can be 100 % secure. Therefore, despite our efforts to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee for the safety of data which you transfer to us. All the data are transferred under your own responsibility. When we get your data, we will do everything we can to secure their safety inside our systems.

Notice on changes to the Statement

There is a possibility of occasional changes done to this Statement to conform it to positive regulations or the valid business practice of the company, as well as to users’ feedback. Each change to our Statement will be timely published here for you to be informed on the privacy safety we offer at all times.

Contact information

The company Brioni d.o.o. is responsible for the information content, design and organisation of the web pages. We invite you to send your comments or remarks to the data controller’s address: BRIONI d.o.o., Šijanska cesta 4, Pula, or to the e-mail address: brioni@brioni.hr

If you think that the company Brioni d.o.o. does not comply with this Statement, please contact us through the e-mail address: brioni@brioni.hr

We will do all we can, that is justified in terms of doing business, to determine and remove the problem as soon as possible.

The company’s official in charge over the protection of respondents’ personal data protection: szzop@brioni.hr