Šijanska cesta 452100 Pula, Hrvatska
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Historical overview of development

Brioni d.o.o. Pula is a company whose main activity is passenger transport both domestic and international.Its origins date back to distant 1946 when"Autopoduzeće za Istru"was founded in Vodnjan, where it had its activity till the unification of Pula to the Republic of Croatia, 15 May 1947. In the same year the company moved to Pula.

Today's name “Brioni“ appeared for the first time on 08 January 1972 when the unification with the municipal company for local passenger transport followed.

In line with the law of company restructuring, in 1993 Brioni was set up as a public limited company.

At the beginning of 1997 a major change to the owners structure as well as the structure of the new Board followed. Namely, on 01 March 1997 the president and the only member of the board became the director Mr Ante Kvasina.

The Board started with the transformation and restructure of the company with the aim to set up optimal work organization, eliminate losses in the company business and to consolidate the company's finance.With the business reorganization the number of employees reached the optimum, with rationalization and economization were elliminated losses in the business and new guidelines were set for further investment, primarily in the vehicles, namely in the renewal of the vehicle fleet as well as buildings.



Passenger transport domestic and international
Travel agency
Retail spare parts for passenger and commercial vehicles
Workshop- repair and maintenance of vehicles
Car wash
Valvoline service
Sales and service of VARTA batteries
Tachograph service